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  • MarshallSoft DUN Dialer for Visual Basic  v.2.1MarshallSoft Dialup Networking (DUN) Component for Visual Basic. Version 2.1, 6/13/2002.Invoke 32-bit Windows Dialup Networking (DUN) from your application code to dial up any installed Internet Service Provider (ISP). Requires 32-bit Visual Basic ...
  • Microsoft Code Analysis Tool .NET (CAT.NET)  v.1.0 CTPMicrosoft Code Analysis Tool .
  • Visual Basic 6 Controls  v. Basic 6.
  • Microsoft Code Analysis Tool .NET (CAT.NET) v1 CTP  v.1.0Microsoft Code Analysis Tool .
  • Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for Visual Basic  v.4.3Visual Basic RS232 serial port communications component library. Control multiple ports simultaneously. Includes line status/control, modem control,ASCII/XMODEM/YMODEM, virtual ports (USB to serial, Bluetooth serial, hardware/software flow control.
  • MarshallSoft GPS Component for Visual Basic  v.1.4GPS component VB library toolkit reads and decodes standard GPS NMEA 183 sentences from the RS232 serial port, as well as computes great circle distances and bearings. Runs as a background thread unattended. Works with Visual Basic and VB.NET.
  • FTP Client Engine for Visual Basic  v.3.3FTP component library for Visual Basic or VB.NET provides direct control of the FTP protocol from any Windows application program. Transfer, rename, delete, list, append files. Create and remove server directories. Royalty free. Many examples.
  • Help Generator for Visual Basic 6.0  v.4.0Help Generator for Visual Basic 6.0 is the fastest way to add Help to your applications. Generates all needed files such as HTML pages, images and help project files. Includes help editor. HTML Help, web-based help and documentation in Word.
  • Visual Basic 6.0 HelpVistaXPDiamond  v. Basic 6.0 activex controls (HVXPD) provides Windows GUI software engineers with numerous Visual Basic 6.0 activex controls (HVXPD) that have been thoroughly designed and tested also are engineered to help you create modern interfaces without ...
  • MarshallSoft Visual Basic AES Library  v.2.0AES Encryption library provides a simple interface to encrypt/decrypt files, strings or data from Visual Basic programs using 256-bit AES (Rijndael) encryption keys. Supports CBC and ECB mode, initialization vectors, and buffer padding. Win32/Win64.
  • SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Engine for Visual Basic  v.5.1MarshallSoft SMTP/POP3/IMAP Visual Basic email component library (SEE4VB) to send, receive and parse mail including HTML and MIME Base64 and quoted-printable encoded attachments. Supports SMTP and POP3 authentication. Supports ISO-8859 and UTF-8 ...
  • Visual Basic Controls (Source Code)  v.3.0Visual Basic Source Code that demonstrates how to make VB Controls by using a Picturebox and pure VB Code. Free source code for making Command Buttons and additional source code for making other controls is available.
  • Visual Basic Barcode Integration  v.2007Visual Basic Barcode Integration 2007 is designed to easily integrate barcodes into VB 6 and Visual Basic .NET applications with the VB Integration Kit. Several integration options are provided. Includes documentation and source code ...
  • C/Delphi/Basic Code 2 Flowchart  v.1.0Create easy to understand flowcharts out of difficult program source code.
  • Sendkeys Replacement for Visual Basic  v.3.00.27Sendkey is a direct replacement for Visual Basic's Sendkeys which works under the Vista and Win 7 operating systems. To use it, all you have to do is add the module to your project then replace "Sendkeys" with "Sendkey" in your code.
  • Visual Basic DDE Development Tools  v.1.0VB (Visual Basic) Source code that contains all the available DDE functionality with WinFax PRO 4.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0. Includes commented source code and executable file to test all the DDE functions within WinFax. Also includes the Controller ...
  • Visual Basic utilities  v.20071207085454Utilities and source code libraries written in Visual Basic Classic (VB6). Currently: a source code analyzer; an app to copy templates/date-time stamp to clipboard or manipulate VB6/SQL code in the clipboard; & an ODBC/ADO SQL query template ...
  • Visual Basic 6 to C++ source converter  v.1.0This project is to create a program that will convert Visual Basic source code into C++ source code in the ANSI Standard with use of wxWindows. All Visual Basic 6 source code can be read by a text editor. This program will simply translate all the ...
  • SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Component Library for Visual Basic  v.5.1The SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email Component Library for Visual Basic supports and has been tested ...
  • Mersenne Twister for Visual Basic .NET  v.2.3A long period, fast, high quality pseudorandom number generator.
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